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Can I Remove a Review from an Unrecognized User?

Clutch allows you to dispute a review on your profile if the review is from a company or contact you do not recognize.

If you come across a review on your profile from a company or contact that you don't recognize, Clutch provides you with the option to contest the validity of the review.

Clutch takes review disputes seriously, but it's important to note that a dispute will only be considered if you believe the entire project described in the review is fictional. If you simply disagree with the content of a review from an actual client, the appropriate action is to submit a Service Provider Response.


When you dispute a review: 

  • The review card will be labeled [Review Under Dispute] to inform readers of the ongoing dispute.
  • Clutch will contact the reviewer directly and request proof of collaboration between their team and yours.
  • If the reviewer is able to provide evidence of the collaboration, the dispute tag will be removed from the review card, and the review will remain published on your profile.
  • If the reviewer cannot provide evidence of the collaboration with your team within 2 weeks of the initial dispute, their review will be removed from your profile.

During the 2-week dispute period, the review will continue to be displayed on your profile with the visible tag [Review Under Dispute].

To dispute a review, please email report@clutch.co and provide a link to the review you would like to dispute.