What are the billing terms for Sponsorship and Clutch+?

Both the Sponsorship and Clutch+ products have a 12-month annual agreement.

Is there a minimum commitment or agreement?

Yes. Sponsorship and Clutch+ both have a 12-month annual agreement.

The Sponsorship billing cycle begins upon placement of the sponsorship, not the time payment is submitted. Your purchase will be billed automatically on a month-to-month basis.

Clutch+ purchases are billed for the total cost of the year in a single upfront payment.

Can I make changes to my purchase?

If you are less than 12 months into your initial purchase, you will have the option to upgrade, but not to downgrade your purchase. You will also not have the option to cancel your purchase before the end of your initial 12 month purchase period.

If you choose to upgrade, you will pay on a pro-rata basis through your next billing date. Your new subscription will then continue at the original billing schedule at the updated subscription price of the new product.

Can I make changes to my billing?

If you would like to add a different payment method, please contact sponsorship@clutch.co

How do I cancel my subscription?

After the initial 12 months of purchase, you may cancel your Listing Subscription by contacting your Account Manager.

Not sure if sponsorship is right for you?

Contact a member of the Clutch team for more information and recommendations right for your business.

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