How Do I Add Portfolio Items to My Company's Profile?

Portfolio items make users on Clutch more likely to click the 'visit website' button on your profile.

Step 1: Log Into Clutch

Log into Clutch through your user account.

(If you're having trouble accessing your account, here's how to get help)

Step 2: Use the Main Navigation to Access Your Company's Portfolio

In the upper right-hand corner, scroll over your name/username. In the drop-down menu, select 'Update Profile.'

Step 3: Navigate To Portfolio Section

At the bottom of the page, navigate to the portfolio section. 

Step 4: Add a Title, Description, and other details

Add the details of this portfolio item including the title, description, image or video. 

Image Files Size Requirements

  • Less than 10 MB
  • jpg, jpeg, png, or gif
  • Upload as many images as you need for each project

Aspect Ratio Requirements

The container size for portfolio items display on Clutch is 269 x 188 px, and the natural size is 500 x 350px.