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What Is Clutch's Buyer Alert Program?

While we welcome service providers to ask their clients to review their partnership on Clutch, we discourage them from influencing the reviewer’s feedback itself.

It violates Clutch’s Terms of Service to exercise undue influence or manipulation over others’ feedback, such as soliciting falsified reviews or pressuring reviewers to edit their submitted content.

Clutch may publicly notify buyers if a provider has exercised undue influence or manipulated reviewers’ feedback through its Buyer Alerts Program.


We encourage service providers to ask their clients to review their partnership on Clutch. However, we do not tolerate attempts to manipulate reviews or any related behavior that could harm buyers or threaten our platform’s commitment to objectivity and transparency. Such behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • Purchasing reviews from an individual who has not worked with the provider
  • Submitting or encouraging the submission of falsified reviews
  • Regulating clients’ feedback
  • Asking clients to edit or delete their review
  • Threatening clients with litigation based on their reviews

To discourage such behavior, we have established a Buyer Alert Program. When our team finds evidence of manipulation or otherwise harmful behavior, we reserve the right to place a Buyer Alert on that service provider’s profile. Before issuing a Buyer Alert, we thoroughly investigate to confirm it is warranted.

Please note that we do not issue refunds in the event of a Buyer Alert.