2023 Update to Clutch's Lead Matching Program.

Clutch will discontinue our stand-alone Lead Matching service in 2023 in an effort to drive more buyer engagement and value to your existing Clutch Sponsorship.

Thank you to those that participated in our surveys and user interviews. Based on our customer's feedback and our analysis of buyers using our sites, we have decided to sunset the Lead Matching program on January 1st. In its place, we intend to drive more high-quality buyers through your existing sponsorship listings (included in your current plan) rather than charging for this service separately. 

In 2023, Lead Matching customers will no longer receive requests to bid on leads, and we will soon launch new buyer educational tools to help your ideal prospects find the right-fit service provider. We believe that by removing friction in the B2B buying process, customers will receive a greater volume of qualified connections with prospective buyers on Clutch.

Our active customers will be the first to learn about these new tools and how to take advantage of their benefits in the new year!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can reach more B2B buyers through Clutch’s portfolio of sites in 2023, review our paid offerings here