What should clients expect from phone interviews?

Clients should expect 15-minute phone calls and questions regarding the scope, results, and project management of the engagement.

Can my client edit their review after it’s published?

Yes. Clients will receive a notification email once their review has been published; at this time, a client has three business days to make any changes to their review.

My client cannot publicly endorse my business. Can they still leave a review?

Yes. At the end of all phone interviews, analysts ask whether the client would like to remain anonymous or attribute their comments. The four options are:

  • Attributed: The client's name and company name will be posted
  • Anonymous: The client's name and company name will be hidden, and any identifying details will be removed
  • Personally attributed: The client's name will be listed, but the client's company will not be
  • Personally anonymous: The client's company will be listed, but the client's name will not be

Regardless of your client's choice, no contact details will be posted on Clutch.

What happens after you speak with my client? And when will the review be published to my profile?

Once an analyst conducts a review, the review is then transcribed, edited, and QA’ed by our editorial team. We work to publish high-quality reviews, and this process will take several days at most.

My client’s project is under $25,000, can they still do a phone interview?

Clients with projects less than $25,000 are encouraged to leave online reviews. We prefer to conduct phone interviews only for projects above $25,000, though this is not a requirement; we do not conduct phone interviews for projects less than $10,000.

Can you conduct reviews in other languages?

Clutch analysts can only conduct phone interviews in English, but you can leave an online review in your native language.