What should clients expect from online reviews?

Online reviews take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete, and all questions are required in order for the review to be published on your profile.

Why are online reviews used for smaller budget engagements?

The online questionnaire is designed for less extensive or complicated projects. Most clients are able to provide sufficient details in written form.

Why does my client need to log in using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is used to verify your client's review and to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.

My client doesn’t have a LinkedIn, can they still fill out a review?

No, not online. However, they can schedule a time to leave their review over the phone here.

My client submitted an online review. Why is it not immediately showing up on my profile?

All reviews go through a transcription, editorial, and final QA process, including online reviews. After the process is completed, the review will be published.

Will my client's information still be anonymous if they fill out an online review?

Yes, if the client marks the review as anonymous, it will remain anonymous.