What Is Clutch's Lead Matching Program: Project Matchmaking?

Clutch's lead matching program, also referred to as Project Matchmaking, matches verified or sponsoring companies on Clutch with prospective leads who submit project proposals.

Step 1: Prospective Buyers Submit Project Proposals

Buyers looking for business service providers submit their project proposals either through our online form or over the phone.

Project Matchmaking Landing Page

Our team vets all projects that cost more than $5,000 over the phone.

Step 2: Clutch Identifies the Best-Fit Service Providers for Each Project

After assessing the buyer's budget, timeline, and project specifications, Clutch creates a shortlist of companies that may be a good fit for the project.

We email these companies with the project details to begin a bidding process.

Step 3: Service Providers Bid on Lead

Service providers contacted about a prospective project can bid on the lead. Bids signal your company is interested in winning the project.

Bids should reflect the value of getting the lead's contact information – not the value of the potential project.

For example:

"Our company is willing to bid $175 to access this lead's contact information."

The bidding process ends 12-hours after the team shares a new project.

Step 4: Highest Four Bids Win Lead and Are Invoiced

The lead's contact information and project requirements are given to the four service providers with the highest bids.

These four service providers are invoiced for the amount they bid on the lead.

Step 5: Service Providers Receive Warm Introduction to Lead

Our team provides a warm email introduction to service providers who win the bid and lead.

Other Project Matchmaking Resources

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