What Are the Requirements to Participate in Lead Matching?

Get Clutch Verified and enroll as a Sponsor or Premium vendor to be eligible to participate in Lead Matching and receive qualified leads in your inbox.

To Participate in Lead Matching

  1. Become a Sponsor
  2. Collect reviews
  3. Get Clutch Verified

1. Become a Sponsor or Premium Vendor

Upgrade to a paid offering on Clutch:

  • A premium profile will allow you to access premium customer service, priority review processing, and Clutch verification.
  • A sponsorship will increase your visibility on a directory of your choice and includes all of the benefits of the premium profile

Learn More About Paid Offerings

2. Collect Reviews

Submit client references. Then, we will contact them and ask for their review. They can schedule a phone review or leave a review online. 

Submit Client References

3. Get Clutch Verified

We verify your company by evaluating whether it:

  • Is active and legally registered
  • Passes a background check
  • Passes a credit and legal filings check
  • Has recent and positive client reviews on Clutch

Clutch verification provides another layer of information and trust prospective clients can use to evaluate and hire your business.

Schedule a Call & Be Included in Lead Matching

Speak with a Clutch teammate to discover whether your company is a fit for the Lead Matching program or other paid features. Book your call now.

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