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Will My Company Be Refunded After Cancelling Sponsorship?

Prorated refunds can be offered depending on your level of sponsorship if you cancel before the end of a billing cycle.

We do not offer full Sponsorship refunds since sponsoring companies immediately receive higher placement on Reviews Pages and thus the value of Sponsorship. We prorate refunds; however, if you choose to cancel in the middle of a payment cycle.

How We Prorate Sponsorship

Let's say you paid $650 for a Bronze Sponsorship

Your payment cycle is April 7 - May 6.

You decide to cancel on May 1.

In this scenario, we would cancel your Bronze Sponsorship on May 1 and refund you for 6 of the 30-day pay cycle: $130.

Reapply Prorated Refund to Other Sponsored Pages

We can apply your prorated refund to other Sponsorship payments – if desired.

Exception to Sponsorship Prorating

Cancellations for Diamond Sponsorship are different since those Sponsorships are coordinated on monthly basis. Please email sponsorship@clutch.co if you want to cancel your Diamond Sponsorship.

Starter Sponsorships require a three-month commitment which is paid in full at the beginning of the three-month commitment period; these payments are not eligible for full refunds and/or partial refunds.

How to Cancel Sponsorship