What is the refund policy for bids in Clutch's lead matchmaking program?

Sometimes, even Clutch phone qualified leads do not work out. Clutch will not charge you for leads that are not valuable opportunities.

Our liberal refund policy is designed to build trust in the idea that Clutch is invested in connecting the right buyers with the right providers of business to business services. However, we place certain guidelines to prevent vendors from abusing the platform since abuse reduces the opportunity for other vendors and the leads themselves to benefit from the program.

We ask that you send any refund requests within 10 days of Clutch's warm introduction to ensure that new opportunities are acted on promptly when you have the highest chance for success.

You will not be charged for any winning bids until after the 10 day period has closed.

What situations are refund-eligible?

  1. The lead already contacted your team.

    The lead came to you organically before you were connected via matchmaking.

  2. The services the lead needs do not match your capabilities.

    Your services or technological capabilities don’t align with what the lead is looking for.

  3. The lead responds to none of the bid winners.

    If Clutch is notified by all the (up to 4) bid winners within 10 days that the lead is non-responsive, then no bid winners will be charged.

What situations are not refund-eligible?

  1. You do not receive a response from the lead but they have moved forward one or more other bid winners.
  2. The lead is "just shopping" or their budget is not sufficiently secured for your qualification.
  3. You do not win the proposed project.
  4. You do not let us know about an unresponsive lead within 10 days of the warm introduction.

Clutch will make the final determination as to whether any bid is refunded.