How long does it take before my new profile shows in search results and directories on Clutch?

Newly submitted profiles do not appear immediately. One to two business days are needed to curate and optimize your profile for Clutch users.

I just submitted my profile. Now where is it?

Thanks for submitting your profile! You can still access and continue to make edits to your profile while signed in. We will verify the information and optimize it for greater visibility on our platform before publishing.

You will receive an e-mail notification once the profile has been published to the public. The e-mail is sent to the admin e-mail contact listed for the profile, or the e-mail used to sign in, which may come from your LinkedIn account.

My profile has been published but it still does not appear when I search for it.

The search results on Clutch operate just like Google search results, and your company profile may not appear for several days to weeks until the page is properly indexed.

You can still view your profile from the user menu. In most cases, buyers find the company they want to work with by landing on directory pages where your company is listed, not by using the search feature on Clutch.