How do I verify my company on Clutch?

Why should I pursue verification with Clutch?

This program serves to add an extra layer in the trust that you can display to viewers of your Clutch profile. Potential buyers and new clients can confirm that your business is active and has no derogatory credit marks. We hope that the more information a potential buyer can find about your business on Clutch, the more willing they will be to contact you.

What makes a company ineligible for verification?

If a company has filed for bankruptcy, has an inactive business registration status, has significant negative marks on a credit report, or has not met the requirements of an open-source background check, the company is ineligible for inclusion in this program.

What can I do as a service provider looking to be verified?

Purchase a Premium Profile or Sponsored Profile to be eligible.

What is the cost to be verified on Clutch?

Verification is a supplemental piece of Clutch’s Premium Profile and Sponsored offerings. Visit for details, or see more on our Help Center.