How can I add reviews to my profile?

Client reviews must be collected and verified by Clutch via our online form or a phone interview with an analyst.

Building an online reputation with the support of strong reviews is a crucial task for business owners. Clutch can help you add reviews to your profile, but it's your role to request reviews and make your business feedback-friendly. Moz's guide on local reviews outlines 6 key strategies to get you started.

All reviews posted on Clutch are collected by our team through two methods: an online form accessible at or a phone interview with one of our trained analysts.

What's the difference between the online form and the client interview?

We encourage clients with under $25,000 lifetime engagements to submit an online review. The client will be required to answer a series of questions about the challenge that led to the engagement, services offered, results, and project management.

Clients with greater than $25,000 lifetime engagements are encouraged to schedule a 15-minute phone interview with a Clutch analyst. Phone interviews, like the online form, include questions regarding the challenge that led to the engagement, services offered, results, and project management. A trained analyst will also ask clarifying questions to help get more detailed client for your review.

Can I send an online review link to my clients? Where is it?

Yes, here. We do recommend phone interviews for projects above $25,000.

Can I send you client testimonials that you can publish as reviews?

No, all reviews must be completed through Clutch so they can be verified.

My client doesn’t speak English. Can they leave a review in their native language?

While we encourage users to leave reviews in English to get a better sense of project specifics, clients can also respond in their native language. In those cases, we use online tools to produce a translation before going through our standard publishing procedures.

Can two people from the same company leave a review?

In most cases, no. Only one review can be published from each client's company. If significant additional work is completed after the first review is published, it can be updated at any time.

Reviews from completely separate business units of enterprise clients for unique and independent projects may be accepted. However, we expect the service provider and client to be transparent and clear on that point. The Clutch analyst has final discretion on whether the additional review may be published.