How Does Clutch Identify Qualified Leads for Lead Matching?

Leads are evaluated based on project requirements such as budget, location, timeline, and benchmarks. All projects are vetted over the phone by a member of our team.

1. Most People Navigate to Clutch Through Organic Search

The majority of our more than 550,000 monthly website users find Clutch through organic search.

2. Website Visitors Find Our Project Request CTA on Our Most Highly Trafficked Pages and Articles

We place our project request CTA on our most highly trafficked Reviews Pages, blog articles, and survey reports.

3. Prospective Leads Submit Project Proposals

Interested buyers are prompted to submit project proposals either through our online form or over the phone.

4. Leads Must Share Project Requirements

Project proposals include information about:

  • Services needed
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Service provider location preferences
  • Goals and important benchmarks

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