How do I respond to messages from leads?

Leads will submit a contact form to get in touch with you. You'll receive an email notifying you about the contact's message.

If you are interested in the opportunity, you can respond directly by clicking the "Reply" button in the email. Alternatively, you can also respond within the messaging interface by clicking the "View Message" button in the email. Your email responses will be synchronized with the messaging conversation on our site.

Managing Conversations:

The sales email listed on your profile will automatically receive contact form submissions and message notifications.

  • If your sales email replies via email, the profile owner is automatically added to the conversation for visibility upon logging into Clutch.
  • For replies via the chat interface, the profile owner is not automatically added, but any manager or owner associated with the vendor profile can join the conversation.

Accessing All Messages:

Any manager or owner associated with a vendor profile can join a conversation.

  • Click the "All Messages" tab in the messaging center to view all contact forms your company has received.
  • Use the "Join" button to join a conversation, and after clicking "Join," you can redirect to reply to the message.

    Note: Only profile owners and managers have access to this functionality.


Instructional video:  Messaging Through Clutch