How Do I Get the Most out of Sponsorship?

Now that your company is a sponsor, there are specific ways to increase your exposure to buyers and win new business.

Service Line Adjustments

Work with our team to optimize the service lines and focus areas on your profile. This will ensure that you are eligible to list on our service-specific directories, especially the pages that you are sponsoring. 

Additional tips for optimizing your service lines can be found here.  

Collect Recent Reviews

Sponsors of the same tier are sorted by organic Clutch rank. To improve your Clutch rank and maximize your position on a directory, continue to collect recent reviews. We recommend collecting reviews at least quarterly to maintain and improve your sponsored and organic positions.

Read more about the Clutch methodology here

Opt Into Verification

Once a sponsor, take advantage of the Clutch verification program. Clutch Verified Partner eligibility is included in our Clutch+ and sponsored offerings and helps buyers understand, evaluate and trust who they work with. In addition, all verified profiles list above non-verified profiles on our research pages increasing a company's visibility across the site

Monitor Your Traffic

To track visitors to your profile, add your Google Analytics UA code to your profile, you’ll be able to see how many clicks you have gotten from your sponsorship by navigating to “Acquisition → Campaigns → All Campaigns”. 

The ‘visit website’ link for each of your sponsored placements has a special, unique URL that utilizes UTM tags. UTM tags allow you to track and manage your referral traffic in Google Analytics. We encourage companies to monitor their referral traffic from Clutch as well as compare Clutch traffic to other lead sources.

Learn how to use UTM tags for your Clutch presence.

Note: users that navigate from your sponsorship placement to your profile and then to your website will not be tagged with the sponsorship-page-specific link.

Track Conversions

Create custom landing pages that send site visitors from Clutch directly to contact form submission pages. We encourage you to track the results from Clutch leads to attribute success to your sponsorship campaigns.

Ask your prospects where they found you. Often buyers that found you on Clutch or The Manifest will reference ‘Google’ because the majority of our visitors come from organic search.

Track Results Over Months 

Sophisticated buyers on Clutch often take weeks to months to narrow down their shortlists, consult their internal team, and decide which agencies to partner with. We recommend evaluating sponsorship success over a period of 3 months or more. Vendors that spend less over a longer period of time tend to see more attributable results than vendors that spend more in a short period of time.

Not sure if sponsorship is right for you?

Contact a member of the Clutch team for more information and recommendations right for your business.

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