How Do I Request Credit for a Bid Won Through Clutch's Lead Matching Program?

Clutch qualifies each lead sent for bidding over the phone. We understand, however, that requirements change so we've created the lead matching credit policy.

The credit policy that follows reflects Clutch's commitment to connecting the right buyers with the right service providers.

We follow these guidelines so expectations are clear for all parties and the right behaviors are incentivized. Program participants are much more likely to close projects if they reach out to new leads promptly. 

You will be charged for the winning bid 15 business days after receiving the warm introduction. Clutch will only evaluate credit requests that are formally submitted via our credit form (linked in the email with the awarded lead’s contact information) prior to the 15th business day after introduction.

We encourage you to prioritize follow-up with the buyer during the 15-day window. Credit requests received after the 15th business day will not be considered.

To be eligible for credit, Clutch ( must be copied on your communication with the lead.

Situations eligible for credit

  1. The lead already contacted your team. The lead came to you organically before you were connected via lead matching. Please share evidence of prior communication.
  2. The services the lead needs do not match your capabilities. Your services or technological capabilities don’t align with what the lead is looking for and the requested services were not included in our project brief.
  3. The lead is completely unresponsive. The lead never answered any of your outreach and Clutch was copied on at least two email attempts. 

Situations ineligible for credit

  1. You did not submit a credit request of an unresponsive lead within 15 business days of the warm introduction.
  2. The lead is "just shopping" or their budget is not sufficiently secured for your qualification.
  3. You do not win the proposed project and the lead selected another company.
  4. After initial conversations with the lead, the lead suspends the project. 

Clutch will make the final determination of whether any bid is credited.

If you’d like to request a credit, please complete the form linked in the email with the awarded lead’s contact information